MASTER CIRCLE™ Shavings features:

Are cut larger than others. In every bag of MASTERS CIRCLE™ Golden Pine shavings about 80% are King Size flakes.

Are made from whole fresh pine timber, not a sawmill by-product or made from used wood.

Some 20% of the flakes are smaller shavings that gravitate to the base of the bed.

Are dried at sterilizing temperatures.

Are screened and vacuumed throughout our unique production process to eliminate dust.

Every bag has a compression volume of 2 cubic feet which expands to 10.

MASTER CIRCLE™ Shavings benefits:

Are 100% natural, traceable and uncontaminated.

Pine’s reputation is scientifically proven to kill harmful bacteria and help maintain hygiene in the stable.

MASTERS CIRCLE™ Golden Pine King Size flakes give more support for resting horses and more support under hooves, and keep the bed dry and comfortable.

Smaller flakes underneath absorb urine that drains from the surface, keeping ammonia away from hooves and lungs.

The right moisture content ensures a dry bed but prevents hooves from drying out and cracking.

Dust is the biggest threat to your horse’s health in the stable. MASTERS CIRCLE™ Golden Pine shavings contains virtually no dust at all.

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